2023 CMBR Free Youth Bike Checks

Free youth bike checks Tuesday, June 20th 2023, 7-8:30pm at Mirror Lake Park.

Bring your kids, helmets and bikes! We will have a line of coach volunteers to safety check bikes and helmets, as well as mechanics from the Trek Bicycle Store of Anchorage and Off the Chain Bicycle Collective to make simple adjustments.

Youth participating in CMBR kids are required to have their bikes safety checked before riding with the club. If you are unable to bring your child, their bike and their helmet to this Tuesday’s free safety checks you will need to bring it to a shop for a safety check, this usually runs $50-$100.

Youth from the community are also invited to bring their bikes for a free safety check.

THIS IS NOT A DROP-OFF EVENT. A responsible adult must supervise your child(ren) for the entire evening.

  1. CHECK IN: First, check in and pick up your Bike Safety Checklist.
  2. SAFETY CHECKS: Next, your youth will work with a volunteer coach to check helmet fit as well as bike size, tires, wheels, brakes, headset, chain, and derailleur/shifting. If they pass all the checks they will receive a safety check medallion for their bike and you’re done!
  3. SAFETY ADJUSTMENTS: If your child’s bike needs brake or derailleur adjustments they will proceed to a second station where a volunteer mechanic will assess and adjust their bike so it shifts and brakes properly.
  4. BIKE REPAIRS: If your child’s bike needs repairs, and not just adjustments, you will need to bring it to a bike shop before riding with the club. Most shops are booked out one to two weeks for repairs.

We always recommend bringing your youth and their bike to the nonprofit Off the Chain Bicycle Collective. Off the Chain is not a drop-off bike shop, but rather a volunteer run bike collective that will help you and your child to repair their own bike. Off the Chain runs by donation, so this is an affordable option for families that cannot make the Tuesday bike checks.

The Trek Bicycle Store of Anchorage (907-743-6000), is a sponsor of our 2023 CMBR Kids program. They are open 7 days a week, located at 530 East Benson Boulevard, STE 9C Anchorage AK, 99503. A safety check or tune-up at Trek or any other local bike shop will fulfill the CMBR kids safety check requirements.

Bikes that have already had 2023 tune-ups, or were purchased in 2023 do not need an additional safety check.

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