Mirror Lake Singletrack Trails are Open for 2023!

Mirror Lake Singletrack Trails are OPEN!

Thanks to the 22 people who showed up last night to get them tuned up for your riding pleasure! Early conditions exist, so pre-ride, re-ride, and free-ride. We will have volunteers out working again today, so be aware. (Donating to CMBR is a great way to say thank you!) Enjoy!

Special shout out to the #AdoboMTB crew for bringing the families to trail work parties!

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To clarify: ALL of the singletrack trails are open. Some of the multiuse trails are still pretty wet. Just turn around and use an alternate path if possible. Load up https://www.trailforks.com/region/mirror-lake-18283/ for a map. There’s almost always 2 or more ways to get to the top!

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