Merry Masher 2022 Course Options

We are working on two options for the Mirror Lake Merry Masher.

First option is a snowmachine-groomed course, using multiuse trails and a loop on Edmonds Lake. This course will depend on how much overflow is on Edmonds:

Merry Masher 2022 Machine Groom Option here:

The second route is our more-traditional winter XC-style race on snowshoe and snowdog-packed singletrack. We’ll add in these sections if you all can get them packed down. Priority goes to Easy Peasy, Hot Tamale and Raven’s Ridge.

Merry Masher Singletrack Option here:

If it all comes togther we might be able to run both courses together on a longer loop. Our goal is a 6-mile short course and 12-mile long course.

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