Please send an email in support to the Anchorage Assembly at for CMBR’s $1.5M ARPA request for “Rebuilding, re-establishing, and expanding the Chugiak Eagle River Trail System”

The Muni reconvenes at a work session to discuss ARPA funding on Thurs July 7th.

We especially could use support from Assembly members from the Anchorage Bowl!

You can find your assembly person at:

ARPA PROJECT TITLE: Rebuilding, re-establishing, and expanding the Chugiak Eagle River Trail System

SHORT DESCRIPTION: Progress with the Anchorage Trails Plan with an emphasis on the Northern Extension of the Coastal Trail.

ORGANIZATION NAME: Chugach Mountain Bike Riders, 501(C)3


Dear Assembly Members, 

I encourage you to fund trails in Chugiak-Eagle River. In addition to repairing existing mushing, xc skiing, mountain biking, and hiking trails, CMBR will START CONSTRUCTION on the muni-approved FIRE CREEK TRAIL connecting Eagle River to the Coast (Coastal Trail Plan and Areawide Trails Plan). This trail will follow the Historic Iditarod Trail and be part of the Alaska Long Trail system connecting Eagle River to Eklutna. 

The Muni owns a trail easement along Fire Creek as a part of ANCSA/ANILCA, and much of this trail section would be within the Muni-owned Beach Lake Park, and is included in the Beach Lake Park master plan.

Thank You!

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