A Bike Park at Mirror Lake!

We are happy to announce Ben’s Bike Playground, a bike park for Mirror Lake! Construction is scheduled for Summer 2021!

Ben’s Bike Playground will include a pump track, skills loop and jump lines to create a terrific spot for beginner and intermediate riders to hone their mountain bike skills!

As of November 2020, CMBR has raised over $160k with a goal of $215k to fully build this bike park. Donations are being accepted through GiveLively.

A pump track teaches riders to gain free speed by weighting and unweighting, or “pumping” their bike over rollers and berms instead of pedaling. Take a look at this great new wooded pump track at Cope Park in Juneau!

A skills loop on the other hand is a series of balance features, teaching riders to stay on their line. We envision building our through the woods, and not in the field, but here’s a good example from Costa Rica.

And jump lines? Well, here’s a cool jump line from Seward’s Bike Park!

Become a part of Ben’s Bike Playground and donate at GiveLively!

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