More Trails Opened to CMBR Members!

CMBR Eklutna Permit Map

Full size map here: CMBR Eklutna Permit Map

We are happy to partner with Eklutna, Inc. to provide CMBR members a permit to ride the private Eklutna, Inc. trails between Peters Creek and the Eklutna River (behind Mirror Lake Middle School), and also the South Fork Eagle River Confluence “Singletrack” Trails off of the Briggs Bridge trail.

This opens over a dozen miles of bike trails to Chugiak-Eagle River riders!

Note: Permitted areas are highlighted in yellow.  Eklunta, Inc. lands within the permitted areas are outlined in white.  Some areas within the permitted area are within State and Municipal Park boundaries, and some areas are under other private ownership.

Common access points to Eklutna, Inc. trails include:

  1. Stoltze Road Bridge, which provides access to the mouth of Peters Creek and the Peters Creek hayflats.
  2. Behind the Red Gate at Mirror Lake Middle School.  This connects to the Upper and Lower Powerline trails as well as the Old 4WD Trail and the Bluff Singletrack.
  3. The South Fork Confluence “Singletrack” trails begin uphill from Chugach State Park’s Briggs Bridge to South Fork Confluence trail, and includes the trails just past South Fork Eagle River.
  4. Peters Creek Neighborhood Trails. Several trails start in the neighborhoods bordering Eklunta, Inc. land.

Join CMBR, be sure to share your address and contact information at checkout, and we will add you to the roster for legal Eklutna access.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

Permits are also available by contacting Eklutna, Inc. directly.

You must ride with a permit in your possession.


Close up of Eklunta, Inc. Lands in Eagle River Valley showing Briggs Bridge to South Fork Eagle River Confluence.  Eklutna, Inc. lands are the white-outlined inholdings in Chugach State Park and are South (uphill) and East (upriver) from the State Park Trail.

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