Join CMBR with Alaska Trails!

cropped-cmbr.jpgBuilding and maintaining high quality mountain bike trails takes a lot of volunteer effort, as well as funds for dirt work, tools, signage and of course, insurance.

What do you get for being a member?

  1. Mountain bike trails in Chugiak-Eagle River.
  2. A cool sticker.
  3. A tax deductible donation. (*more on this below.)
  4. A warm fuzzy feeling.

Become a member today, and help us get these trails open!

$50 Trail Users! (26″) We hope our trail users can join at this level or above.

$100 Trail Enthusiasts and Families. (29er)

$250 Trail Builders. (Plus Bike)

$500+ Trail Champions. (Fat Bike)

$25 Community Supporters. (Skinny Tire)

* Alaska Trails is the 501(c)3 nonprofit sponsor of CMBR, tax-deductible donations will go through Alaska Trails, and will be used for local CMBR projects.