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Recreational Trails Grant Application Public Notice March 30, 2021

Chugach Mountain Bike Riders is providing a 30-day public notice of its intent to apply for an Alaska Recreational Trail Program grant for the rehabilitation and realignment of the existing 2.5k multiuse trail at Mirror Lake Park. Trail improvements will be focused nearest the main trailhead and picnic area. Public Comment or Opposition can be submitted at the methods listed above. The deadline for public comment is April 20, 2021.

Ben’s Bike Playground Needs Your Help!

We have raised $185k out of our $215k goal to build a trailhead bike park at Mirror Lake. We need to order the skills features and prefabricated jumps by MID-MARCH, so they will arrive in time for our July-August build window.

Please renew your CMBR membership, choose Chugach Mountain Bike Riders as a recipient of your Pick-Click-Give, see if your employer can make a matching donation, or just become a playground sponsor!

Until MARCH 10th, 2021 we are running a special fundraiser with the OUTRIDE FUND for up to $15k of MATCHING DONATIONS! Check it out!

Our final concept design is truly world-class. A sweet pump track, upgrades to the multiuse trail near the lake, and a full spectrum of skills and jump lines.

Major donors include the Municipality of Anchorage, Matanuska Electric Association, the Pressman Family Foundation and CMBR members.

2020 Merry Masher start times are posted!

Trek has donated gifts along the Mirror Lake Singletrack as a thank you to all those helping pack the trails this winter!

Roster is posted here:

Bib pickup is 11am-1pm on Saturday Dec 26th. Please be at the start line 2 minutes before your race time.

Beginner course has been groomed, Expert loops have some ungroomed sections. Enjoy!


1. FAT BIKES RACE FIRST. Mirror Lake trails, though packed, are not as hard as those in town. Plus bikes are allowed but will be racing after all the fat bikes have left to minimize ruts early in the race. Please let us know ahead of time if you’re on a tire smaller than 3.6″ wide.

2. TWO OPEN CLASSES FOR AWARDS. We have medals for the top 3 finishers for each course (the Beginner/Standard 5-mile course and the Sport/Expert 7-mile course) We forgot to ask gender and age during registration, so we’ll try to figure that out on race day, but for now, it’s a two-category race.

3. EXPERTS RACE AT NOON. Sport and Beginners follow. We expect to start everyone 1 minute apart between noon and 1:30 pm.

4. COVID MEANS NO SPECTATORS. We do, however, need safety volunteers at many intersections, so shoot us an email and we’ll give you an assignment that involves cheering your loved one!

5. MASKS ON WITHIN 10 FEET. You know the drill.

6. NO GROUPS LARGER THAN 10. Be at the start 2 minutes before your assigned time, not earlier. Start order will be posted on Christmas.

7. THE EXPERT LOOP IS TECHNICAL. There is a rollable 3′ drop onto the lake. Experts should be able to launch it at high speed. There are other fun features to excite you.

8. THE BEGINNER LOOP ALSO HAS CHALLENGING CLIMBS. Not as many as the expert loop, but with this new snow you will be enjoying a good cardio workout.